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We Love Italy.. We love the food. We love the culture. We love the history. We love everything about Italy. We love saying we are Italian! Second Generation Italians is who we are.

Italians are big on flavour and comfort in all foods which will make us feel happy eating the simplest Italian dish.


We love that the Italians both in Italy and now in Melbourne are just so passionate about food. What an absolute pleasure to be able to share this in Melbourne.

There is a reason why Italian food is celebrated all over the world, the aromas as we cook in our open kitchen, and the tastes when you dig in will transport you straight to the land of Italy. Whether you've been before or not, the flavours will inspire you to go or go back and taste the seasonal ripeness of Italian produce.


We're young, fun a little crazy, and second generation Italians with a bloody good taste pallet for proper Italian food. 


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