Yes you can probably buy all these bits and pieces from a supermarket or deli, but if there not put together properly, with the secret ingredient love, then it can become quite a big stressful mess. 

Here's the deal, we got the space, we got the pallet for taste, we got the experience, we got all the quality imported ingredients needed, we got the vino and birra.


We seat 75 people sit down and 120 people stand up. Grazing tables, antipasto platter, pasta, pizza, salad, and yes even dessert. We got it! Hows a little modern now. Gone are the days of the good old woggy reception wanting what the person next to you is eating. Let us place everything in the middle and share mixed platters together like a real Italian famiglia would.

You wanna dress the place up. We got the connections too. See told you we have it all sorted. 

Birthdays, Engagements, Baptisms, Confirmations you name it.  Maybe bring your own iphone's for photos cause photographers aren't our thing.